Online Jummah: Friday 3rd July

Online via Zoom

A side view of Muslims praying with people of different genders in one row. The people are of different races, some women are wearing headscarves, some are not. One person is a wheelchair user.

Date: Friday 3rd July 2020
Time: 12.45pm for a 1pm start
Venue: Online via Zoom

Our next online Jummah is coming up on Friday 3rd July 2020 at 1pm. Please join at 12.45pm so we can start on time. It’s always an honour to pray with you. How to Join:

  1. Please register via Eventbrite before 10pm on Thursday 2nd July
  2. You will then be taken through a few short questions. For the protection of our imams, many of whom are women and/or from LGBT+ communities, we are screening registrations to minimise the risk of harassment and cyber bullying.
  3. We will look over the answers you have provided and if appropriate we will get back to you on the morning of Friday 3rd July with a link to the online Jummah and joining instructions. Emails from Eventbrite sometimes go straight to spam and junk folders so please check those as well as your inbox. Thank you and hope to see you online soon!

The platform we’re using is Zoom. We’ve drawn up some ground rules and advice on etiquette, which you may want to read before attending. Thank you, and we’ll see you soon!

Image copyright: Wasi Daniju