What is IMI?
The Inclusive Mosque Initiative is an intersectional feminist mosque dedicated to creating inclusive, safer places for marginalised Muslims and their families. We especially welcome non-traditional families. We are committed to reviving a rights-based Islam that challenges all forms of oppression.

Where is Inclusive Mosque? Can I visit?
Unfortunately we don’t have a mosque building you can visit (yet!). We do not have enough funds to rent or run our own building, but this is something we are working towards. If you would like to support our ambition to run a feminist mosque in a building, please consider setting up a regular donation.

If you have a building in London that we can rent long-term please use the contact form to get in touch.

How is IMI funded? 
Our staff salaries and our social justice programming is funded by Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. We have previously received funding from Arcus Foundation and Unbound Philanthropy.

Our religious services such as our Friday prayers, Eid and Ramadan events are funded by public donations.

We do not take government funding.

Are you a trans-inclusive mosque?
Yes we are. We do not segregate our community by gender or anything else. Our use of the term ‘women’ includes trans women and our use of the term ‘men’ includes trans men. We also welcome intersex people, nonbinary people, nonbinary trans people, those without gender, and those who identify as genderqueer. Gender-questioning people are welcome at IMI. We are an LGBTQ+ inclusive mosque.

How can I support Inclusive Mosque?
We are currently raising funds for our feminist imam programme. It has proved difficult to get funding for this from trusts and foundations, so we are relying on the IMI community to support this work. Please consider donating here. If you can’t donate, we’d still be really grateful if you could share the fundraiser with you friends and family. Every interaction with the page helps.

If you’d like to support us on an ongoing basis, please consider setting up a monthly direct debit. These regular donations help us to plan our services and support people long-term.

Can you help me find a therapist or counsellor?
IMI does not currently have the resources to provide therapy, counselling, or mediation services. We’ve included some resources that might be of use below.