How to join our Online Jammat

Downloading Zoom: If you have not downloaded or used Zoom before on your device, you will be prompted to download it when you click to join your first meeting. There is no charge for this.  However, it may be helpful to prepare in advance by downloading Zoom.  It is simple.  Once downloaded, you don’t need to do anything with it and you won’t need to download it again for other meetings.

Joining a Meeting: You will join the meeting using the link sent to you.  This video explains how to do that.          

Ground Rules

  • You must type your name into the username option. To do this go to ‘settings’ and select ‘profile’ you’ll see a box that says ‘set display name’ please enter your name here Those without a name will not be permitted to stay. This is for the safety of the IMI Community. We need to know who is in our spaces to keep each other safe.  
  • Do not say anything in an online, virtual jammat that you wouldn’t say in an in-person jammat.  
  • If the chat function is on, please be polite. Do not say anything in the chat function that you wouldn’t say in a regular in-person jammat. We will not tolerate racism of any kind including internalised Islamophobia from Muslims.
  • The same rules about adab (manners) apply here as well as in in-person events. We will challenge anyone who intentionally brings racism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia, biphobia or sexism into our online spaces and make room to educate those who do so unintentionally. 
  • As with a regular Inclusive Mosque in-person jammat, when the prayer begins you have the option of praying along with the imam and the congregation or praying on your own. 
  • After the prayer, you can re-join the conversation.
  • It is imperative that no recording takes place and no pictures are taken during the jammat and you are not permitted to download the chat. This is to keep our imams and our participants safe from harassment and cyberbullying.

Video Meeting Etiquette

  • When you join the IMI jammat, you’ll be muted. Please stay muted. The facilitator will welcome you to the group and you’ll have a chance to say salaam.
  • You can also add your pronouns to your display name.
  • Try to have a clean, appropriate background as much as possible. We know everyone has different circumstances and this may not always be possible. This will help us all to focus on jammat and not be distracted by art or personal objects in your home.  Tip: Zoom also has a ‘virtual background’ feature which is an easy way to eliminate background distractions. 
  • Position your web camera and monitor at eye level so you can look into the camera and simulate eye to eye connection with participants.
  • Eliminate distractions from messaging applications, ringtones and any notifications from applications running on your desktop to help keep the meeting focused and free from interruption. If you have kids or people you care for and they’re doing their thing, that’s totally ok and they are very welcome to join but please do use the ‘mute’ function.

Please note: We don’t know of any other mosque offering hybrid salah options so we have no example to look to. We are learning as we go and your feedback will be appreciated.