What We Do

The Inclusive Mosque Initiative is an intersectional feminist mosque and registered charity dedicated to creating inclusive, safer places for marginalised Muslims. We are not a proselytising organisation and do not seek to convert non-Muslims to Islam. Our work is aimed primarily at Muslims and we welcome all people of any faith or none.

Raise Your Gaze

Raise Your Gaze is our campaigning programme that addresses intersecting oppressions in the mental health sector, the domestic violence sector, and the LGBT+ sector. We work to address Islamophobia and other forms of racism, as well as ableism, homophobia and transphobia in support services. We do this through workshops which tackle the root causes of those injustices so that practitioners are equipped to understand why injustice exists in their sector and how to address it. Our work comes from a need to implement and protect existing human rights legislation so that all people can access safety when they are in danger. We’ve worked with organisations on addressing Transphobia in the VAWG sector, implementing Non-Extractive Practices in Research and Policy Development, Islamophobia in the therapy room, and Islamophobia in the LGBT+ sector.

We don’t offer workshops on identifying racism so that it can be policed internally by organisation nor do we work on improving EDI targets. We only work with organisations and services interested in addressing the root cause of injustice in their work. If you are interested in a Raise Your Gaze workshop by Inclusive Mosque contact admin@inclusivemosque.org

We use funding from grants and foundations to deliver this work in partnership with organisations from each sector. Our current funders are Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and Oak Foundation. We have previously received funding from Arcus Foundation and Network for Social Change for this work.

Mosque Events

We create events for Muslims to bring more feminist practice into their understanding of Islam through our:

  • Monthly Qur’an discussion group aimed primarily at women, nonbinary and genderqueer Muslims.
  • Social events that provide vital community space for marginalised Muslims
  • Regular prayer events online and in-person which give us much needed space for practicing Islam in an inclusive feminist environment often led by women, without any gender segregation.
  • We hold Eid prayers, Ramadan events, including taraweh (extended prayers), and events to mark the Muslim calendar such as Muharram, Ashura, Arba’een etc

We prioritise making our events accessible to disabled people and highlighting disability justice in all our work. LGBT+ Muslims are welcome at our events and we encourage people to attend with their families including their chosen families.

Mosque Services

  • Muslim Marriage Ceremonies – we provide interfaith Muslim marriage ceremonies with no pressure to convert. This comes from the Islamic right and human right that all humans have to freedom of belief and religion.
  • Shahada certificates – if you need a shahada certificate to show you are a Muslim, get in touch via admin@inclusivemosque.org We will ask you to cover postage and printing costs.

Important: We do not provide one-to-one sessions with imams but we do have plans to develop pastoral services. Please donate to help us create the services our communities so desperately need. The imams at Inclusive Mosque lead prayers and deliver marriage ceremonies only.

IMI does not currently have the resources to provide counselling or mediation services. We’ve included some resources that might be of use below.


IMI offers bespoke consultancy and trainings to individuals and organisations on Islam, feminism, and anti-racism.

We do not have our own building, but we hold hybrid events in accessible venues, mostly in London and occasionally across the UK.

Support Inclusive Mosque

You can support our work by donating to our fundraiser and sharing it with friends, family, and on social media. You can also set up a one-off or monthly donation by visiting our Donate page.