Human Rights Iftar & Magrib Salah

The Ecology Pavilion, 125 Grove Road London E3 5RP

Time: From 6pm
Tickets: Online and in-person tickets available via Eventbrite and they are all FREE
Our fight for a world without patriarchy involves the advancement and protection of human rights. Before Maghrib salah, Inclusive Mosque and Amnesty International UK are holding a panel discussion to explore how we can leverage the power that lies in our communities to defeat the systems of harm that hold us back. How can community power defeat patriarchy and advance the rights of people who are marginalised because of sexism, racism, sectarianism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and other systems of harm? Our esteem panellists are:

We intend to pray Magrib together at 19:56. Please bring your own prayer mats and turbah stones. Please also be aware that we will not segregate the congregation during prayers, and you will see men, women and people of all genders praying together in the same rows. Prayers will be led by Huda Jawad. If you want to pray Isha we will have a quiet space/prayer room at the venue. If you’re not praying with us, you’re invited to stay quietly in the space and then we’ll all eat together

If you are attending online, please see our ground rules and advice on etiquette at our online prayers before attending. You can join and leave an event whenever you need to. Don’t worry about being late or leaving early.


The venue is wheelchair accessible and gender neutral bathrooms are available. There will also be BSL interpretation. This event is in-person with an option to join online. For those joining online, a link will be sent to you a few days in advance and we will have auto-captions enabled. For those attending in-person, we encourage you to wear masks and take covid tests on the day of the event. We consider wearing masks a necessary act of care towards disabled and immunocompromised people. Windows in the room will be open to allow ventilation to prevent the spread of Covid so please dress warmly. Please see the event FAQs below for further information and who to get in touch with if you have any unanswered questions.

All ages are welcome but anyone under 16 will need to attend with a guardian over 18.

Covid Safety

Please bring your own prayer mats. We expect all attendees to take a Covid test on the day of the event and if it is positive, please do not attend. If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend. All attendees are expected to wear face masks on arrival and throughout the prayer unless they have a reason not to. We do this as an act of necessary community care in solidarity with disabled and chronically ill members of the community.

Arrive: 6.00pm
Panel discussion: 6.30pm
Maghrib salah: 7.56pm led by Huda Jawad. For those joining us online, the online access will end after salah
8.10pm Iftar dinner for people joining in-person.

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