Eid ul Fitr 2020

Online via Zoom

Bring family, friends, siblings in life and love and join us for the Eid takbeer, prayers, a special khutbah (sermon) by author, activist and academic Leyla Jagiella. 

Date: Monday 25th May.  Register via Eventbrite.

As with all IMI events, expect to see women and nonbinary people leading and people of genders, races, sexualities, and sects praying together. If you have non-Muslim partners and/or family they are welcome to attend.

10am: Join

10.15am: Eid Takbeer with BSL

10.45am: Eid Salah

11am: Khutbah

11.30am: Space for reflection

12pm: DJ set by with Deejay Que

12.30pm: End

1. If you would like to attend our online Eid, please click register via Eventbrite

2. You will then be taken through a few short questions. For the protection of our imams, many of whom are women and/or from LGBT+ communities, we are screening registrations to minimise the risk of harassment and cyber bullying.

3. We will look over the answers you have provided and if appropriate we will get back to you in the evening on Sunday 24th May along with joining instructions.

Emails from Eventbrite sometimes go straight to spam and junk folders so please check those as well as your inbox.

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