Where can I donate my Zakat ul Fitr?

Zakat ul Fitr is an amount of money that all Muslims who are in a stable economic situation are obliged to pay at the end of Ramadan, to be given to those in dire need. This year IMI is encouraging our community to consider donating their Zakat ul Fitr to the UK-based organisations below who are able to reach people in need.

  • National Zakat Foundation – UK platform connecting Muslims who can give Zakat with those who should be receiving it locally.
  • Sufra Food Bank and Kitchen – Emergency food aid, welfare advice and empowerment services.
  • The Magpie Project – supporting mums and under fives in temporary accommodation.
  • Eden Care UK – provide end of life care for terminally ill Muslims including financial support to help with burial costs.
  • Akwaaba – volunteer-run social centre for migrants raising funds for members of their community impactedby COVID-19.

These organisations are able to support people that IMI cannot reach. We firmly believe that Zakat money can and should be given to all people who need it regardless of faith.

If you have surplus income and would like to donate your non-Zakat money to IMI to support our work, we would greatly appreciate a monthly donation to help us plan our work beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.