The Future of the Inclusive Mosque Initiative

To celebrate our 5th birthday, we asked some of the team what direction IMI should take over the next 5 years. Here’s what co-founder Dervla had to say:

“I think IMI should continue to focus on what it is already doing; pioneering female spiritual leadership, being a radically inclusive mosque space, and creating unique events. Personally, I would like to see the organisation get a permanent space too, especially for during Ramadan events. I’m also looking forward to seeing IMI work more closely with other mosques and Muslim women’s organisations, and organise more groundbreaking seminars too.

Over the next few years I really hope to contribute more regular time to IMI, to spend time with the new volunteers and to help it develop its work with young people and families. It has always been my hope to see IMI become truly self-sufficient, so I’d like to contribute to growing our fundraising strategy and getting more young, energetic folk involved in the day-to-day running of the organisation.”