Pride is Political

Prophet Muhammad (saw) was clear with us about our role in making the world safe for each other when he said “None of you [truly] believes until you love for your sibling what you love for yourself” (pronouns changed from the usual translation).

The Immigration Act of 1971 which is still enforced today, made it a legal requirement for all airlines* to deport people when asked to do so by the Home Office.

Many large corporations and entities including 10 Downing Street, the UK Home Office, British Airways and TUI airlines are sporting Pride flags on their social media profile pics. At the same time, they are either leading or are complicit in the deportation of LGBT+ people to places where they will be in direct and immediate danger.

Please don’t think that because we have “marriage equality” in the UK that we don’t need strategic and consistent political engagement from allies, Queer and Trans communities to keep LGBT+ people safe from pernicious British legislation. Airlines should be organising against existing legislation if they don’t want to be complicit. They are not powerless and are capable of taking a political stance as they attempt to do by displaying these Pride flags.

*wording in the act is “captains, owners or agents of ships or aircraft”