Leading Prayers at IMI – Ramadan 2022

We are inviting women, genderqueer and nonbinary people from our community to lead prayers at IMI this Ramadan. IMI is a non-sectarian mosque so Muslims from all sects and traditions are welcome. By leading prayers at IMI, we invite you to listen and respond to the needs of the IMI community and to take up space at this mosque. All our events will be online only, with BSL interpreters and live captioning where possible. Register your interest in leading prayers below. Leading prayers is voluntary, we do not pay our imams to lead prayers at IMI.

Leading Prayers at IMI
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Representation and Inclusion

We are prioritising people who are based in the UK. In line with IMI’s mission to challenge patriarchy, ableism, transphobia, sectarianism, and racism in mosques, we will be prioritising women, genderqueer, nonbinary, Black, Shia, Ahmadiyyah, Ismail’i, and disabled Muslims. IMI is a non-sectarian mosque so Muslims from all sects and traditions are welcome to lead prayers here. The majority of people who attend IMI are Sunni Muslims so we are actively welcoming and encouraging non-Sunni Muslims to take up space here.

Trans men and cis men, we are developing a training just for you and will roll it out later in the year. At this time we’re focusing our resources on trans and cis women, genderqueer and nonbinary people. Your efforts in dismantling patriarchy have not gone unnoticed.