Interrupting Islamophobia in the LGBT+ Sector

With funding from Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, we have continued our advocacy for rights and justice for marginalised Muslims in the LGBT+ Sector. This year, we worked with LGBT+ Consortium staff and members on how to identify and challenge Islamophobia.

LGBT+ Consortium is a national membership body that supports LGBT+ inclusive organisations to build resources, sustainability and resilience.

In their work with LGBT+ Consortium, our workshop facilitators focused on the ways that the fight for LGBT+ rights in the UK is used by the state and arms of the state, such as the police, to justify racism towards Muslims compromising the safety of Queer and Trans Muslims.

They highlighted the term Homonationalism, coined by Jasbir Puar, to convey the ways that securitisation, border enforcement and surveillance are all employed against Queer and Trans Black and brown bodies to other us with dangerous consequences to our human rights.

They also explored the ways that Queer and Trans Muslims navigate the LGBT+ sector and the racism they experience in LGBT+ spaces as a result of both interpersonal bigotry and the impact of the UK’s state-led approach to LGBT+ rights.