Ramadan Dhikr and Taraweh

Online via Zoom

While we try to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect those who are at greater risk of catching it, we are continuing with our Ramadan events online.

Structure of the event:

09.45pm: Join

10pm: Dhikr/Zikr- devotional remembrance of God out loud in a group

10.30pm: Isha prayer

10.40pm: Taraweh prayer

11pm: Break

11.15pm: Taraweh prayer resumes

11.45pm: CLOSE

How to join:

1. If you would like to attend our online Dhikr and/or Taraweh, please register via Eventbrite.

2. You will then be taken through a few short questions. For the protection of our imams, many of whom are women and/or from LGBT+ communities, we are screening registrations to minimise the risk of harassment and cyber bullying.  

3. We will look over the answers you have provided and if appropriate we will get back to you on the afternoon of Saturday 2nd May with a link to the online Dhikr and Taraweh and joining instructions.

Emails from Eventbrite sometimes go straight to spam and junk folders so please check those as well as your inbox.

IMPORTANT: Ramadan prayers are our time to ground ourselves and reconnect with Allah swt and our communities. You are invited to join us on your own or with friends and family. We will not ask anyone to segregated themselves so please be aware that you may see Muslims of different genders praying side by side and that women and non-binary people often lead mixed-gender congregations in prayer at the Inclusive Mosque Initiative.

To support our work creating an intersectional feminist mosque that centres Muslims who are women, nonbinary, queer, Black and/or disabled especially, please consider a monthly donation.

Image description: A black and white image of two women hugging after prayer. Around them are other women who have just finished prayer. They are all wearing some form of hijab.