Ramadan Community Debrief

Online meetings and Feedback Form

Did you come to any of our Ramadan or Eid events this year (2024)? We would really appreciate your feedback. We want to hear from the community about how it felt and what we can do differently next time. We also need to know what’s working well and what we should try to preserve for next year. We would be grateful for feedback from everyone who joined us physically or virtually, so we’ve got a couple of online debriefs and an online feedback form. If you can fill out the form or come to a debrief if would be help shape the future of Inclusive Mosque’s community  events. Join us online on Friday 3rd May at 1pm or Thursday 9th May at 6pm or fill out our feedback form.

What about Ramadan 2025? We know the IMI community is full of smart and resourced people (and businesses!) who want to contribute to IMI and make it bigger and better. Join us for a Ramadan 2025 planning meeting so we can bring the community together and figure out how we can put together a banging Ramadan programme together for 2025. If you own a business or have access to a venue that IMI can use, please do get in touch.