Raise Your Gaze – Building Action Against Islamophobia

Free Word Centre, 60 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3GA, London

With Islamophobia on the rise, it is important for us to reflect on how we got here so that we can challenge it effectively.

Individual acts of intimidation and violence do not happen in a vacuum, and certainly did not begin with Brexit, or even 9/11. Anti-Muslim politics and policies have deep historical routes that are still evident today, and they target us all, especially the more vulnerable members of our communities: young, poor, refugee and migrant Muslims.

Join us as we unpack:
– The ways in which Islamophobia manifests at the borders, in the education system, and the media
– How this has come about and what it looks like right now
– How to strategise together on ways to resist.

11.45 Doors open

12.00 Talk & Q&A with Suhraiya Jivraj on ‘Islamophobia: Historical Roots, Contemporary Anti-racist Strategies’
Islamophobia is part of a long historical trajectory of racialising the ‘other’, not just merely a consequence of 9/11. From the crusades to colonialism what is the subject of this ‘othering’ and why and how does it come about? What would an anti-racist approach to tackle its various manifestations look like? I will explore these questions drawing on critical race/religion and decolonising perspectives.

1.30 Lunch (Prayer space available)

2.30 Workshops to learn about and strategise on:

– Islamophobia at the Borders (Shadin Dowson-Zeidan & Sammarah Hanin, SOAS Detainee Support): The UK’s borders and border policies both exclude and demonise migrants and people of colour. This workshop will examine the ways that narratives of the ‘bogus asylum seeker’, ‘foreign criminal’ and ‘terrorist’ connect to processes of Othering and racialisation. We’ll hear how the border is experienced and understood by those who face state racism, state violence and Islamophobia; and look at how people are disrupting these border processes, and where the possibilities are for resistance and solidarity. how government policy on keeping refugees and migrants out of the country particularly effects Black folks, Muslims, LGBT folks, women, and children.

– Islamophobia in Education (Latifa Akay & Lena Mohamed): This workshop will explore the ways in which young Muslims and people of colour are being targeted through the Prevent strategy, coercion into stating their nationalities, and the proliferation of hijab bans in schools. We will explore the ways in which these target the most vulnerable in our communities, and learn from the various strategies of resistance.

– Islamophobia in the media (Mohamed-Zain Dada & Farah Elahi): This workshop will look at the relationship between the state and the media, how mainstream media outlets proliferate Islamophobia, and the reach and effect of far right media outlets. We’ll look at ways to take small steps towards resisting this, as well as exploring strategies for collective resistance and carving out spaces to tell our own stories.

3.30 – Break

4.00- Closing panel

5.00 – End

If you have any questions about the event please get in touch at admin@inclusivemosque.org or call 020 3189 1185.

– If you’re not able to pay the ticket price, please get in touch – we still want you to attend!
– BSL interpreters will be available on the day.
– There will be an induction loop on the day.
– The entire venue is wheelchair accessible.
– All bathrooms are gender-neutral.
– Lunch and refreshments will be vegan with gluten-free options.
– Children and babies are welcome.
– The talk will be livestreamed, recorded, and transcribed.
– Please let us know of any access requirements you have.Sa