Auction for IMI

Therapist, photographer and former Inclusive Mosque trustee, Wasi Daniju, is auctioning two prints in support of IMI and Gendered Intelligence.

She originally entered two prints in the Royal Academy of the Arts Summer Exhibition 2021. She withdrew them after The Royal Academy (RA) defended transphobic hate speech as freedom of expression. You can find a list compiled by Wasi of some trans and genderqueer artists and other creatives to support here.

Wasi’s prints were part of her You See Yourself project, a series of portraits of Black women and non-binary folk. In Wasi’s words it: “moves beyond the idea that ‘you need to be able to see us’ to the recognition that ‘we need to be able to see ourselves'”.

Wasi has also shared her letter to The Royal Academy on her website and urged them to “consider opening a dialogue with trans artists on how they can better support and promote them, and show solidarity in real and tangible ways.” She writes that she hopes “the RA can eventually move to an actually more inclusive way of working – by expressing support for those who oppress others and deny their right to exist, the RA is in fact supporting the exclusion they claim to want to change.”

Support Wasi’s work by sharing the auction and support transgender people by bidding on these prints. The auction closes on 31st October.

Image description: mage description: A photo by Wasi Daniju of Leah V, “an international Hijabi social media influencer, award-winning author, motivational speaker, educator, and content creator”. The photo was taken at Little Nan’s Bar by kind agreement of the owners. The text underneath says Leah V (You See Yourself) – Framed A2 portrait. Leah is a black woman in a yellow hijab wearing yellow heart shaped glasses and a yellow top with stripy bottoms. Leah is standing in front of a huge frame with lit yellow bulbs all the way around it.